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Welcome to Lighthouse Counseling of Colorado

Thank you for stopping by today. If you have been feeling lost, you do not have to anymore. Life can be hard and a challenge at every stage. Let Lighthouse Counseling get you on the path to finding peace, balance and hope.

I offer counseling services for adults at all stages of life in a safe environment.

I specialize in anxiety, depression and crisis intervention. I am located in Parker, Colorado but offer tele-health appointments to anywhere in the country.

Offering counseling services out of Parker, CO.

Helping you find balance to move forward in life.

Jodi Reffel, MA, LPC

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About Me

Jodi Reffel, MA, LPC
Parker, Colorado

I became a certified grief counselor in 2021 during the pandemic. I saw this time as a period when so many felt trapped in fear and isolation, a natural outcome of this was grief. Grief of losing a job, losing a community and sadly, losing a loved one. It was important for me to move toward the uncomfortable subject of death, dying and loss and offer support to those who did not know where to turn to.


Should we connect, I'm confident I will be able to provide you the safe place to process your thoughts, feelings and issues while equipping you with skills to practice in between our sessions resulting in a shift in your mindset. Problem solving, validation, empathy and skill building are all things you can expect over the course of our time together.

I was once described by a former client as, "...a bulldozer with pillows on the blades...Jodi gently pushed me through the tough parts of therapy..." I hope that you will allow me to walk alongside of you and, at times, gently push you through the challenges and trials of life.


Jodi Reffel, Licensed Professional Counselor serving Parker, Castle Rock and surrounding areas in Colorado.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and have almost 20 years of treating men and women who suffer from depression, anxiety, grief, personality disorders, self-harming behaviors and conflicts in relationships. Additionally, I can help people who struggle with emotion regulation, distress tolerance and distorted thinking. My clinical experience has been working for the Department of Corrections, Suicide Hotlines and Private Practice. At this time, I am only offering telehealth sessions.

My Specialties

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Anxiety is powerful and can make you feel out of control. There is relief.


Depression can control your life and cause your to feel tired, empty and numb. Take back your control.

crisis intervention

Traumatic events can turn our lives upside down. Tools are needed to overcome emotional triggers and obstacles.


Grief comes from loss. Loss of a job, loss of security or loss of a loved one. There is a way to find peace.

Wheat Field

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

~Carl Rogers


Want to hear more about how I can help and support you?

Email or call me today to schedule a session.

Virtual Sessions Only, at this time.


Phone: 720-440-2284

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